Friday, October 21, 2011

3. Painting of field by Unknown Artist

This painting by an unknown artist using a certain color pattern to give the viewer a sense of a tranquil Fall afternoon. The artist gives a sense of depth to the painting when they paint the brown grass very large in the foreground of the painting to make it look as if we were on the same level as the grass looking out over the field. He also uses value to add texture to the greass, trees, bushes, and the barn making it appear real.

Sources: Google Images

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"The Book Carvings of Brian Dettmer"

Brian Dettmer Carves books like old dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. using surgical tools, knives and tweezers to carve them into works of art. Brian was born in 1974, Chicago and attened Columbia College he was focused on painting while he was there, but then he started to study the connections between text and language while working at a signage store. Where it started to influence his paintings like painting text, braille, and morse code. Which lead to the layering of newspaper and books pages on his work. I believe the effect of his work is to show that text and books are a type of art and that it also holds information and pictures that you can see in your head.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2. Vladmir Kush

Vladmir Kush is an American artist. He liked to paint surrealism. Which is a movement that sought to release the creative potential of the inconsious mind through painting, sculpting, etc. I believe the effectiveness of these paintings is to take the real world and see it in a different light. To see that there are different ways to see the world and interpret it.

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