Friday, August 26, 2011

7. Forensic Antropology as a career

        The career that I am interested in is forensic anthropology. Forensic anthropology is the study of biological machanisms, and the science of osteology, which has its main focus on the human skeleton. To be a forensic anthropologist you will work for the government at either a state or national level identifying deceased individuals by their skeletons if the body and been mutulated in any way or is in a high level of decomposition.            
        To be a forensic anthropologist you will need a bachelor's in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology or anthropology as well as a graduates degree in human biology or anthropology. Though a master's degree will most likely qualify you to begin your career. Most forensic anthropologists have a Ph.D. degree. The feild of practitioners in this subject are rather small. With this career some may focus on facial recstuction while others mainly focus on skeletal studies.
        The average salary for a forensic anthropologist as a lecturer or assistant professer at a university is approxiamately $35,000-$50,0000. For a full time professor at a major university it's around $90,000-$100,000. If hired to work for the state or federal level based on experience it may be $75,000-$95,000 and up.
           I believe that this career would suit me because I see myself as a very technical person at most times. I tend to ask "why?" all the time even when its annoying to other people when I ask. I want to know everything about what everything is and why it is that way.

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