Friday, September 9, 2011

1. Contemporary works

RED HOT no 34 Contemporary Art Palette Knife Horse Painting -- Laurie Justus Pace  Red Hot painted by Laurie Justus Pace. I like this piece of art because this use of the bright colors and the green that compliments the red. Also I just like the hosre in the middle of it because. I love the light and dark brush strokes used to bring the horse to life, and even though the horse in painted the same colors as the background the lines used give your eye a sense of direction to see the horse that is there.


  1. Nice equestrian work and description too. The colors used seem to be important, especially once you learn the title. This painting was created by using a palette knife...
    Remember to add a link to the artist's page so we can research more works by that Texas artist, like so:

    Mr. K

  2. Nice horse! lol I went to a western art museum and they had a Sculpture of a horse that looked just like this!