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Northern Kentucky University

These are the requirements to get into the college, the average tuition and fees, a link to the application, and a detailed four year shecdule with Anthropology as a major leading to a bachelors degree in science.
The major in Anthropology, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, consists of 44 semester hours and requires the completion of all of the above requirements, except STA 205 and a foreign language.

Sequence of Courses for All Anthropology Majors:
  • Freshman year
    • ANT 100 Cultural Anthropology
    • ANT 110 Introduction to Archaeology
    • INF 101 Computer Literacy & Informatics (or pass the anthropology computer test--see Dr. Douglas Hume)
    • General studies (gen ed) courses
    • Any needed remedial courses (for example, MAH 090, 095, 097, and/or 099 and/or ENG 090)
    • Think about choosing a minor or an area of concentration or a second major
  • Sophomore year
    • ANT 202 Introduction to Physical Anthropology (spring)
    • ANT 202L Introduction to Physical Anthropology Laboratory (spring)
    • ANT 210 Introduction to Archaeological Method and Theory (fall)
    • ANT 275 Language and Culture (fall)
    • Another 200-level anthropology course
    • STA 205 Elementary Statistics (for the BA degree)
    • foreign language (for the BA degree) (testing by Department of World Languages, if necessary)
    • General studies (gen ed) courses
    • Choose a minor or an area of concentration or a second major
  • Junior year
    • ANT 312 Social Organization (fall)
    • ANT 401 Culture Theory or ANT 410 Archaeological Theory (spring) (or take in senior year if taught then)
    • Other 300 and 400-level anthropology courses (Be aware that most 300 and 400-level courses are taught only once every two years. You need to plan ahead for this and take some courses your junior year and others your senior year.)
    • Some 200-level anthropology courses may be taken (for example, ethnographic area courses)
    • Finish any general studies (gen ed) requirements
    • Prepare a resume and consult with Career Development Center
    • Attend NKU Anthropology Careers Day (spring)
    • Attend NKU Grad School Talk (fall)
  • Senior year
    • ANT 480 Advanced Anthropological Concepts (take your last semester.)
    • 300 and 400-level anthropology courses
    • Get your major certified (see the anthropology coordinator)
    • Apply to graduate (by October 8 for May graduation and by April 8 for December graduation--see the registrar)
    • Get information from grad schools early in the fall
    • Apply to grad school late fall
    • Take the GRE or LSAT exam in the fall 
Admission requirements
·         Successful completion of Kentucky's Pre-College Curriculum
o   Four years of English
o   Three years of math including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry or three integrative math courses
o   Three years of science
o   Three years of social studies
o   Two years of the same foreign language
·         ACT sub scores of 18 in English, math and reading or SAT math and writing sub scores of 430, critical reading score of 450
Beginning fall 2010, the Council on Post Secondary Education (CPE) implemented "College Readiness" standards that all entering students must meet. Students must have an, 18 on the English portion of the ACT, a 19 on the math portion of the ACT and a 20 on the reading portion of the ACT in order to meet CPE College Readiness. Those students who score lower than the required test sub scores will be required to take a placement test in one or more subject areas. College Readiness standards do not affect a student's admission into NKU.
Tuition Fall 2012/Spring 2012

Kentucky Residents

Undergraduate Full-Time (12-16 hours)*
Undergraduate Per Credit Hour (up to 12 hours and each hour 17 and above)
General Graduate Rate
College of Business General Graduate Rate

Undergraduate Full-Time Non-Resident (12-16 hours)*
Undergraduate Per Credit Hour (up to 12 hours and each hour 17 and above)
General Graduate Rate Non-Resident
College of Business Graduate Non-Resident Rate

The link above will take you to the page where you will create an account that will allow you to proceed to the online application. Then after you fill it out you can use that account to check you application status and recieve the information you need when you get accepted.

Miscellaneous Fees

Admissions Application fee - $40
Admissions Application fee for Doctorate program - $55
Admissions Confirmation fee - $75
All-Card I.D. Replacement fee - $10
Book Connection Fee - $7
Campus Recreation Fee - $4/credit hour (max $48)
Graduation fee - $50
Late Graduate Graduation Application Fee - $80/$100
Late Undergraduate Graduation Application Fee - $75
Late Registration fee - $25
NKU Account Maintenance Fee - 1.25% charged monthly
NKU Payment Plan Fee - $50
Non-Payment Reinstatement Fee - $100
Official Transcript Fee - $7/$10
Returned Check - $30

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